How Much Protein Should I Eat?

The amount of protein you should consume should be based on the goal that you’re looking to achieve with nutrition.

If you’re looking to maximize muscle growth then maintaining a good amount of protein in the diet is preferable. According to research however, the upper limit of protein necessary for maximal growth of muscle tissue during heavy strength training is 0.8g/lb, after this point its likely that you will not get any extra benefits (you’ll likely just start farting more).

If you’re looking to maximize your hormonal health and especially testosterone production, then according to research the optimal amount of protein to consume would be twice less than that of your daily carbohydrate intake. In other words a protein-to-carb ratio of 1:2. This would mean that if your daily carbohydrate intake would be 300g, your protein intake should fall somewhere close to 150g.

Here at Anabolic Men we have for long recommended a starting point of 20% daily calories from protein (while the remaining 40% and 40% should come from carbs and fat). This is the scientifically sound “sweet spot” for the goal of building muscle AND having high testosterone levels at the same time. It just so also happens to perfectly fall into that 1:2 ratio of protein-to-carbohydrate.

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